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Welcome on website of company VAKO-CZ s.r.o.


   We are a medium-sized company engaged in engineering activities, specializing in the production and assembly of machinery, production lines and steel structures. Another part of our production program consists of automatic washing equipment for car chassis, conveyors, manipulators, or vibrating wire feeders for wire concrete. You can find a sample of our products in the Photo Gallery section.

   Our team builds on an experienced technical office, responsible foremen and qualified production experts.

   We fully guarantee a high professional level of work performed in the required quality and on the agreed dates. The submitted work complies with all applicable laws, regulations and ordinances.


What we offer:

  • manufacture and assembly of steel structures

  • manufacture and installation of machinery

  • repairs and reconstruction

  • dismantling

  • CNC shaped cutting

  • surface finishes

  • car transport

  • technical advisory activity


About us

   Our company was founded in 2003 and draws on many years of experience gained from previous exposure of our employees in other companies.

   Quality Management System is certified by STAVCERT in accordance with s ČSN EN ISO 9001 ,ČN EN ISO 3834-2 , ČSN 732601-Z2. Production facilities are 2500m2 large and in this space works about 30 - 40 employers. Handling of products ensures overhead crane and forklifts. Special works are done in cooperation, because we want to cover the complete requirements of our customers.

   We guarantee high proffesional level of work performed in the required quality and to the agreed deadlines.




Zdvihací zařízení

Zdvihací zařízení

Část linky pro dřevozpracující průmysl

Část linky pro dřevozpracující průmysl



Mobilní mycí jednotky

Mobilní mycí jednotky

Násypky živničních směsí

Násypky živničních směsí

Technologie chladící linky

Technologie chladící linky

Válečkové dopravníky

Válečkové dopravníky

Dopravníky a manipulátory

Dopravníky a manipulátory


CNC shape cutting

Our company offers capacities for cooperative plasma / fire cutting on the machine Honkys

- Flame cutting in the range of 15 - 100mm sheet thickness

- Plasma cutting in the range of 2 - 40mm sheet thickness

- Max cutting format 2 x 6 metres
- Shipment of fragments and other materials by truck DAF



Trnávka 120

PSČ: 535 01

Tel: 466 932 067

IČO: 25997882

DIČ: CZ25997882

Kladruby nad Labem 134

PSČ: 533 14

tel: 723 655 812


Managing Director

Chief Financial Officer

Luboš Václavek

tel:606 651 307

Managing Director

Production Manager

Miloš Musílek

tel: 724 338 069

Head of Economic Section

Radek Toman

tel:723 742 078

Head of Technical Section

Zbyněk Lát

tel: 602 472 252

Head of Production

Lukáš Toman

tel:727 903 594

Project manager

Lukáš Filipec, DiS.

tel: 722 576 528

CNC shape cutting

Bc. Ondřej Šmíd

tel: 608 180 026

Accounting office

Musílková Monika

tel:602 454 068

Transport Dispatcher

Pavel Živný

tel: 723 655 812

Specialista nákupu

Lamberský Luděk

tel: 720 489 276

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